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At Sharikatul Hussain Saturday Workshop, we value every student's commitment to their educational journey. Our attendance policy is designed to ensure a productive and engaging learning environment for all participants. Regular attendance is essential for maximising the benefits of our workshop's programs. Please find updated policy for attendance for the academic year 2022/23.

Ensuring the safety, well-being, and protection of all our students is paramount at Sharikatul Hussain Saturday Workshop. Our safeguarding policy reflects our commitment to providing a secure environment where every individual can learn, explore, and grow without fear.

3 / Bullying

At Sharikatul Hussain Saturday Workshop, we are committed to fostering a safe, respectful, and inclusive learning environment for all students. Bullying in any form is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Our bullying policy reflects our dedication to promoting positive interactions and the well-being of every participant.


4 / Record Keeping; GDPR

Protecting the privacy of our students, parents/guardians, staff, and volunteers is of utmost importance at Sharikatul Hussain Saturday Workshop. We are committed to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and maintaining the highest standards of data security and record keeping.

5 / Mobile Phone Policy 2023/24

Recognising the importance of a focused and productive learning environment, we at Sharikatul Hussain Saturday Workshop have established a mobile phone usage policy to ensure the best possible educational experience for all participants. 

6 / Enrolment Policy 2023/24

Welcome to Sharikatul Hussain Saturday Workshop, a place dedicated to nurturing young minds and fostering a love for learning. Our enrolment policy outlines the procedures and expectations to ensure a smooth and inclusive enrolment process for all students. Please find updated policy for enrolment for the academic year 2023/24.

7 / Behaviour Policy 2023/24

Creating a respectful, safe, and positive learning environment is at the heart of Sharikatul Hussain Saturday Workshop's mission. Our behaviour policy outlines the standards and expectations we uphold to foster a space where all students can thrive and grow. Please find updated policy for behaviour  for the academic year 2023/24.

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