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“Seeking of Knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim, Male and Female.” Holy Prophet (SAW)

Our Aim…

“Our aim is to always keep the children of the workshop at the forefront of our minds, whilst we continuously develop ways in making their Madressa/Workshop experience a good and lasting one.”

Student Manuals 2014

View and download the current student manuals. 

Academic Year Calendar 2014

View the academic year calendar 2014.  
All Students, Parents and Teachers are asked to familiarise themselves with the calendar of dates above.  Please make note of the Exam/Assessment dates in order that no appointments or holidays are booked on these dates.  The Workshop has informed all Parents in advance of the Exam/Assessment date and as of from 2014 onwards, students will NOT be allowed to re-take term examinations without a serious and genuine reason.

Standing Order Form 2014

View, download and complete if applicable.  
We have changed the method of collecting fees. There has been NO increment of fees. The total fees including the manuals continue to remain at £60 per year. We would like to encourage all the parents to pay £5 per month via a Standing Order. Please complete above Standing Order form, one form per student. Please state the name of the child on the reference section of the standing order form.

Enrolment Form 2014

View, download and complete if applicable.  
ALL parents should fill out the attached enrolment form.  This form should be filled out for ALL students, one form per student. 

Wudhu and Salaah Assessments

View updated Wudhu and Salaah Assessments. 

Sports Page

Latest sports and activities going on at the workshop.
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